My 3G iPhone adventure West Palm Beach Florida Edition


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May 24, 2007
West Palm Beach Florida
Hey guys, You have got to hear my story, so july 11th iPhone 3g launch started @ 8:00, my intentions was to get it on tuesday july 15th on my birthday, because i already owned the 1st iPhone. I went to the gardens mall to pick up gift cards to the mall for my sister because it was her birthday! I saw the line @ the Apple store and it was Long like at least 250-300 people. I happen to notice my friend was in line I talked to him and he told me he was in line since 5am and he was in the middle @ that time. I was laughing. Theres an att store upstairs of the mall and there was no line because they told everybody they ran out of phones! how bout I asked the sales rep and he told me a new shipment just came in from fed ex! I could of been a bad friend and didn't tell my friend to haul his but upstairs, but I told him and he was so happy and he got his phone right after me, I got my phone with in 20 min and he waited since 5am thats funny. But as a reward he bought me a case to go with my 3g iPhone! By the Way I Bought the 16gig White man its sleek, I kinda changed my mind I wanted the black but White was just unique

To all Everythingicafe members I hope you are enjoying your new iPhone 3G I know I am!