My Assessment: Switched from VZW Treo 650 to iPhone

Avid Apple fan, but loved my VZW service. However, my loyalty was stronger with Apple, and I eventually made the switch. Here are some things to consider if you've yet to purchase the iPhone...that may not be covered in the boards.

Biggest Pleasant Surprises:
1. YouTube-I never thought I would use this...until I learned how many times a week a friend, family member, co-worker says "Did you see that "clip" on YouTube? Now you can see it, instantly!
2. Weather-Ohio weather changes a lot. 64 one day, 38 the next. I use this button daily.
3. ATT Network-I travel a lot for work, both city and rural areas. Haven't noticed a signal difference from VZW. What a relief.
4. iPod/Phone Speakers-The sound is great without headphones.
5. The Glare-Yes, I've used my iPhone multiple times as a "last minute" mirror. Weird, I know.

Biggest Bummers (nothing major):
1. The Stock Button-I would love to swap this out for a Contact button. Until the day I begin investing.
2. The winter glove effect-I have to buy those gloves that expose the finger tips. Recently discovered this with the change in weather. Grin.
3. Cut and Paste (this is one that I knew I was giving up, but didn't realize how much I'd miss it)
4. Camera-Great quality, if conditions are perfect. Lighting needs to be bright and both you and the object your taking a picture of must remain PERFECTLY still. This will improve over time.
5. PocketMoney-It was a 3rd party app that kept my bank account in order...Web apps just don't compare. Again, this will change over time.

That's it for now...I've used phone for over 2 months now and I'm excited for software updates.
Dec 13, 2007
Very good one - I "was" a big fan of Palm products till Mr. Job gave birth to iPhone..


Sep 2, 2007
Austin, Tx
Nice rundown. I used a Treo 650 for around 6 months, and liked a lot of things with it - but stability was terrible - the thing spontaneously reset itself like nobody's businesss, and at really un-cool times too - like when attempting to answer a call.
I didn't go directly from a Treo to the iPhone - but thinking about the two of them, stability would be one of the big gains with switching to iPhone ...