My iPhone 4 is sitting in rice...

Discussion in 'iPhone 4' started by uPhone559, Sep 17, 2010.

  1. uPhone559

    uPhone559 New Member

    It's been there in rice for 2 days drying out. If it does not work does apple sometimes give a free refurb unit or will I have to pay some amount no matter what?

  2. medenblik

    medenblik Contributor

    you will probably have to pay 199 to get a new one.........unless Apple does replace it..........

    how did it get wet?
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  4. Watcher

    Watcher Zealot

    Do you know for a fact the sensor was tripped? I know that may sound like a stupid question but it depends on how it got wet and if it was submerged or not.
  5. dturner

    dturner Zealot

    Two days is not long enough. Let it set at least 10 days. If it is water damage, Apple isn't going to do much for you. You will have to pay for another phone.
  6. jsntrenkler

    jsntrenkler Zealot

    If you got it wet and tripped any of the sensors it will be $199 for another iPhone 4.
  7. uPhone559

    uPhone559 New Member

    It was on the table and a tiny bit of water got into the ear hole. Do I really leave it in rice for 10 days??
  8. Lincoln

    Lincoln New Member

    I think 10 might be a bit excessive. Last summer I spilled an entire glass of water all over a MacBook, and the screen was filled with water. I had it in rice for 4 days, and it was 100% clear of any water when I took it out.
  9. phsycology

    phsycology Zealot

    I'd leave it in for a week just to be sure. :)
    I hope it works for you when you take it out....
  10. eye-Fone

    eye-Fone Zealot

    "ear hole"? . . . As in where you listen during a phone call? Or are you referring to the earphone jack? If it is in the earphone jack, I believe there is one of those moisture sensor in there.
  11. uPhone559

    uPhone559 New Member

    The ear hole where you listen to calls.
  12. phsycology

    phsycology Zealot

    How much water actually went in?
  13. Hqcariello

    Hqcariello Member

    I heard that alcohol may help too but I'm not sure it does!?

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  14. Hqcariello

    Hqcariello Member

    Since you know it might cost 199 to replace it go see a genius apple guy . They might show mercy on ya.
    Does not hurt to try.

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  15. tzinsava

    tzinsava New Member

    Try a blow dryer that has worked for me
  16. Chris5956

    Chris5956 Member

    Same, I dove into the lake with it in my pocket, left it in rice for maybe a couple das and used a blow dryer on it and mine is working perfectly
  17. tzinsava

    tzinsava New Member

    That's great glad to hear
  18. Iloveiphones

    Iloveiphones Genius

    Have you tried to turn it on, if you have it's ruined no matter what. If you haven't, leave it in rive for 2 more days

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  19. Chris5956

    Chris5956 Member

    Not true at all, I tried turning mine on at least 5 times as short as 4 hrs after it went in, and it was dead, wouldn't respond, wouldn't turn on, wasn't recognized by the computer. Or anything, then I left it for another couple days in rice along with a blow dryer and went I went to turn it on after that everything was golden
  20. uPhone559

    uPhone559 New Member

    So my iPhone's been in rice for a couple days now with a silica packet and now it's sitting under a high powered fan!

    Pray for my iPhone please, she needs your support!! Thank you
  21. phsycology

    phsycology Zealot

    How drunk were you?!

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