My iPhone 5 Saga...


Jul 24, 2008
Near St. Louis, MO
So, I got my 32 GB white iPhone 5 on Friday from my AT&T preorder. Unfortunately, my wife did not get hers. After calling and finding out it is back ordered (and that we could still cancel) we set about trying to find one locally. So, after calling around and searching high an low for one, we found a local AT&T with a few 64GB's in stock. Of course, she has no need for a 64GB iPhone but she wouldn't trade me for my 32. After getting to the store I decided that I also wanted a 64, so I bought one outright and put my 32GB on eBay. It was then that we found out that we couldn't cancel, even after being told that we could. She was upset that we still couldn't get her one that day (yesterday). Fast forward to me spending another $850 + tax for another outright 64GB. Man, it turned into an expensive day!

We decided to return hers when it comes (which will cost us a restock fee but it will also reset her upgrade). Instead of returning mine, I put it on eBay along with our 2 iPhone 4S's. My iPhone 4S sold within 2 minutes via Buy It Now (which AT&T will unlock) and hers has some bids. The iPhone 5 is doing well and shot up in price pretty quickly.

Overall, we have the phones we want and I am hoping to recoup some of the money from this expensive weekend!