My iPhone car mount and Hands free kit!


Dec 25, 2007
South Louisiana USA
Hello all,
I just installed my iPhone in my Mazda 3. I used a leather wrapped mount from Kuda. On the kuda is just an adjustable quick mount that holds the iPhone securely.
The power comes from a Belkin charger. This charger also has a line out connection coming out at the 12v plug. My car has a built in "line in" mini jack . I have a cable from the belkin plug into my line in. All the wires are hidden except the last 8" which attaches to my phone.

The hands free kit is a Motorola that I've had since my previous car. It works very well with the iPhone. I don't use the voice commands very much since the iPhone is only a touch away, but it works well when needed.

I think it looks nice, it certainly works very well.
(excuse the dirty car!)


A few more random thoughts:
The Belkin has a built in pre amp which allows you to adjust the gain into your factory setup.
When the iPhone is in iPod mode, the screen stays active.... it won't go into black screen sleep mode.
The Kuda mounts are VERY WELL MADE. Installation took about 10 Minutes. They are leather wrapped and available for many different vehicle apps. If you have a nice vehicle and don't want to make it look cheap or messy with one of those suction cup or sticky tape mounts, look into this.
The mount can be removed without any evidence that it was ever there.