My Laptop has gone slow after iPhone


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Feb 17, 2008
Is it just me or are others having similar problems.
My Laptop which is a top of the Line M90. Is so slow its taken me 30 minutes to logon and type this.

This thing is so fast its not even classifed as a laptop by dell they call it a mobile workstation.

But ever since I got my iPhone its goten really really slow ?

Any help tips to speed up things would help.

taskmanager shows cpu at 100% all the time.
There is no one app eathing up the cpu time rather a lot of apps that earlier ran fine now want more CPU. Services / iTuneshelper etc are the bigest culprits.

Using a zipphone cracked 1.1.3 with iTunes 7.5
Apr 28, 2008
Try to update to iTunes 7.6 and if the problem remains, turn off the automatic startup of Apple programs from Run->msconfig->Startup