my LCD went but it looks like my HDD still works...what to do

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    I need major help fast regarding how to get my hard drive info on my other laptop or tv screen

    so as i was flying home today my work computer screen seems to be the sccreen because i see activity on the hard drive as she loads and the screen just goes im figuring the LCD went....ive also heard that the Dell Latitude E5420's this happens to a lot anyways....

    i have a service call with dell setup but in the meantime 48 hours it will take to come onsite i would like to utilize my data...

    so when i got home i tried to plug in my HDMI cable to the showed loading Windows XP (yes we still run xp : ( ) ...i was even able to hit F12 or F2 but im not so familiar with that if that would help...then when i exit to load windows...then it just goes back to a blank grey screen...with my computer also it makes you login with the USERNAME and PW.

    is there a way to make the computer load directly to external output? is there a way to have my computer boot up to another laptop and or my tv...i even tried the VGA to VGA cable for the computer to tv...still to no avail...

    im willing to buy if i have to something but id like to figure this out

    any help advice or anything is so appreciated....

    thanks again, mark
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    There should be a key combo Fn (function key) and a key that has an external looking screen / monitor. Pressing these two together should switch it to the external source.
    From the online manual:
    You need to press hold the FN key and press the F4 function key once which toggles the display to the External Display source like the television connected along with the LCD of the Notebook.
    If the FN and F4 key combination is pressed again, the display will dissappear from the LCD of the Notebook and remain only on the external source.
    If the FN and F4 key combination is pressed third time, the display will be back on the LCD of the Notebook and will not remain on the External display source.
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    [quote name='Travis959' timestamp='1339635619' post='594931671']
    Can you use remote desktop from the other laptop?

    so is this software i can buy to put on my personal laptop?

    i first want to thank everyone for all the effort and help...

    thing is i get this error its
    so i had the screen changed and i actually was getting a BSOD which this is what i'm seeing.
    what can be done to fix this?
    any ideas?
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