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Discussion in 'Cydia Apps' started by celticsfan, Oct 16, 2011.

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    I recently purchased the My wifi 5.0 app. And I need some details on just how to use this app. I tried and tried to no success. So if there's any one that has this or uses this app please explain in detail on just how to use it I would greatly appreciate it.
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    1) If using as a wi-fi hotspot, not much you need to do but put on iPhone and switch the wi-fi on when you need it and adjust the power--use low if you are very close to your iPad or laptop.
    2) If you want to save power and have a laptop that can use bluetooth for data, then you need to PAIR both devices first and then use bluetooth tethering.
    3) If using iPad wifi on demand as client and using iPhone as hotspot, then pair both devices first in settings/bluetooth.

    Set iPad to client and iPhone to hotspot under the bluetooth on demand.

    They should find each other when iPad is using internet and no wifi is available or if G3 is switched off or not installed.

    Sometimes tricky. Sometimes it seems that the two devices are held TOO CLOSE TOGETHER and this interferes with pairing or connection. Sometimes it just takes a little while for the iPad and iPhone to begin talking to each other.

    Other times, some installations just didn't go perfectly and might have to start over with MyWi installation.
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