My Zagg iPhone SHIELD Review


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Jul 30, 2009
My Zagg iPhone SHIELD Review

A few weeks back I was lamenting the scratches to my new iPhone caused by my Belkin acrylic iPhone case. I also wanted to protect the screen of my iPhone from scratches as I carried it in my pocket. When you spend $400 on a gadget keeping it looking good is a big concern. Zagg, the makers of the Apple iPhone Full Body invisibleSHIELD, recently released a kit designed specifically for the iPhone in two forms. You can get the screen cover film alone or you can get the iPhone full body kit which protects the screen along with the back and sides of the iPhone.

Installation of the Apple iPhone Full Body invisibleSHIELD is easy, but does take a little time to get it just right. To apply the film you need to clean your iPhone well since any dirt or fingerprints under the film will be there until you remove the film from the device. To apply you peel a section of film from the paper backing, spray it with a special liquid solution and apply it to the iPhone. Once you apply the sticker you smooth it out with a squeegee that is included with the kit to remove air bubbles and excess liquid from under the film.

After applying the film it takes about five minutes for it to stick to the point where it won’t slide around when touched. The front piece of film is an easy install; the rear section gets a bit tricky. The rear piece of film covers the back of the iPhone and has flaps what wrap around the side of the case and the corners as well. For installation of this piece you have to apply the film to the flat portion of the iPhone and wait for it to dry then wrap the side flaps around. The potentially difficult and time consuming portion of the install is when you do the corners.

The film tends to want to not stick well so you have to hold it in place until it adheres to the iPhone. This took about one minute for each corner. Once the film stuck to the phone you just set the phone aside until it dries over night.

The touch screen functions just as well with the Apple iPhone Full Body invisibleSHIELD installed as it did without the film. The feel of the touch screen is changed a bit because the Apple iPhone Full Body invisibleSHIELD is not a slick feeling as the glass screen is alone. However, navigating the menus and screens of the phone is as easy and simple as it was before the film was installed.

After installation I can drop the iPhone into my pocket without worrying about scratches cause by my keys or loose change in my pocket. I can also now use my Belkin iPhone case without worrying about scratches to the phone it might cause. The Apple iPhone Full Body invisibleSHIELD material is so thin that it adds no bulk at all to the iPhone. You should be able to use any case with your phone without any issues at all. The phone also docks without issue after installing the Apple iPhone Full Body invisibleSHIELD.
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