Need help badly......


Dec 7, 2011
Miami, Florida
Well, I did get them the songs to work again. I do understand what you're saying and I didn't delete them from my recycle bin, but I don't have the 1495 that I had before. Right now I have 121 songs, but at least they all play now. Now I have to see if i can find the others. My library is now /Users/Tony/Music/iTunes1/iTunes Media. I'm still having problems with movies, but the Books are okay. The Apps are blank but hopefully when I hook up my iPhone they will come back and the movies will work again. I'll let you know.
Your music files are still there, but I'm concerned that you mentioned the Recycle Bin--nothing I suggested would've even put your files in the Recycle Bin. The "highlight songs>right click>delete>delete from computer?>No" sequence should've simply removed the song entries in iTunes, but left the actual song files exactly where they were on your hard drive. Are most of your song files in MP3 format? Why not do a search for *.mp3 files to hone in on the files, and you're sure to find a stash of them in subfolders that are likely contained in a parent folder, probably named something like "Music". If you can find this folder, it should be simple enough to drag and drop this into iTunes so that they all show up there again. You could also go to iTunes and select File > Import* (read note below) > navigate to the folder so that you can import all your music files into your iTunes library > double-click on it.

*At the File menu of iTunes, you may see a term other than Import. In Mac OS X, the current name of that menu item is "Add to Library..."

Did the Windows version of iTunes get a makeover yesterday, like those of us on OS X did? If you did, go ahead and update right now. It's supposed to make things more user-friendly and hopefully some of the improvements extend over to the area of importing music into iTunes which would come in handy for you to help get your songs listed in iTunes again.