Need SIM Card Advice - Selling my iPhone


New Member
Aug 9, 2007
Hi folks. I need some advice. I am thinking about selling my 8GB iPhone on eBay so I can upgrade to the 16gb.

From the looks of things, I can get more money for a jailbreak'd/unlocked phone which I can do, no problem. So here's my plan...can someone tell me if I'm missing something or need to consider something that I haven't already...?

  • Jailbreak my 8GB iPhone (when 1.1.3 came out I decided to upgrade without jailbreaking), add the AnySim app, and then resync my phone with iTunes...removing my songs, contacts, etc. from the phone.
  • Swap the 8GB SIM card with the 16GB SIM card and activate the 16GB phone with iTunes.
So the question is, will the 8GB iPhone that I'm now selling, still be jailbreak'd/unlocked and ready for the buyer to use? Obviously they'll most likely not even need the new SIM card I inserted if they plan on using their own SIM card. But I just want to make sure that the phone will still be unlocked/jailbreak'd after I've deactivated it and replaced the SIM card with an unused one.

Any help would be much appreciated!