Need to know if you can foward a text message

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by black jack 2007, May 31, 2008.

  1. black jack 2007

    black jack 2007 New Member

    hi everyone
    I have a question I am still learning how to use my I phone can any body help me I need to know if you can foward a text message cingluar / att sent a text to my phone that said foward to 10 people and get a $60.00 credit to my account. any help out there

    thanks black jack 2007
  2. dturner

    dturner Zealot

    If I understand this correctly, you got a text for ATT saying to forward to 10 people and get a $60 credit. If so it is probably spam. At the least I would call or stop by an ATT store and ask about it. I vote is that it is spam.
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  4. projectdarkside

    projectdarkside New Member

    "Supposable" theirs gonna be a forwarding option in the v2.0 update...
  5. i robot

    i robot Member

    presently there is no option to forward a text message (scam or not) on a stock iPhone. As the post above stated we are hopeful this will be an option with the new firmware upgrade in June.
  6. snowgirl

    snowgirl New Member

    I'm really hoping they add this in the next update...I hate trying to explain a text conversation over the phone.
  7. i robot

    i robot Member

    I think most of us do too!
  8. Youngbinks

    Youngbinks Zealot

    I'm thinking it will definitely be added within a new Firmware update. There was a real need for multiple contact messaging and this is simply an extension of that. Then again, so is MMS but we will probably never see that.

    Also, even if the iPhone COULD forward SMS, I wouldn't really advise responding to messages like this because 110% of the time they're SPAM.
  9. projectdarkside

    projectdarkside New Member

    yeah its definately spam.

    its where you send it to 10 people then they send it to 10 people and so on...
  10. ColsTiger

    ColsTiger Zealot

    it's spam. don't waste your time with it.
  11. Saverino

    Saverino Zealot

    +1 ... If it was from AT&T it would be a long and weird number...not a number like (XXX) XXX-XXXX

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