Never ending Apple load screen


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Apr 28, 2008
Hello everyone, i'm running a 1.1.4 ZiPhone jailbroken phone that has been jailbroken for maybe a month and a half or so. I was going through my normal iPhone routine today when it suddenly just shut down directly to the Apple load screen. If I do a hard restart it just stays on the screen, nothing else happens. I tried to connect to iTunes to attempt a restore and it wont connect, no usb connect tone, no pop-up. nothing. Anyone with any insight of what I should do please chime-in. I've read people having similar problems and have had to go to the Apple store to get a new phone under warranty. I'd like to avoid doing that as the closest Apple store is not exactly close.

Any solutions?
My one worry - I go to the Apple store and they turn me down because it's jailbroken, any way to prevent them knowing without doing a full restore?


Feb 11, 2008
I have had my phone stuck in the Apple loading screen before but after about thirty minute of tinkering with it. Ie. On off rebooting pluging in and removing sim and such the phone snapped out of it and went back to working fine.

On the Apple store note. If you can't get it to come out of the loop no mater and it won't take a charge either then let it drain compleatly and take it in. If they can't get it to bootup or turn on the can't turn you down for it being jailbroken.


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Aug 11, 2007
Restore it in iTunes, works like a charm....M
He says it isn't recognized by iTunes, so no go there.

By the way - good to see you around again, Mark.

- John