New email badge is suddenly inaccurate.


Nov 20, 2012
US Midwest
The other day the new email notification badge, on my iPhone 6, suddenly jumped from telling me that I had 5 new emails to saying that I had 128 new emails. I looked and only had 5 new emails on the phone. Deleting them from the phone only dropped the total on the badge to 123 even though there were no emails, old, new or otherwise, in my inbox or anywhere else. I checked on my ISP's server and there were no emails waiting for me that I hadn't already read and removed from the server. I'm using the stock email app on an iPhone 6 running iOS 8.3 un-jailbroken. I tried restarting and then a hard reset and nothing worked. I was about to restore as new but decided to try removing the email account from my phone then re-installing it and that is what finally resolved the issue. I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this problem and what did they do to resolve it.