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Discussion in 'iCloud' started by Smarty2600, Mar 25, 2012.

  1. Smarty2600

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    I had an iPad 2 but now I have I have an iPad 3 and it won't let me back up to iCloud because my storage is full since it still has listed my iPad 2 back up. There is 1 GB of free space left but it's not enough for my new iPad. So should I delete my old iPad 2 back up since I no longer own my iPad 2. As it stands my new iPad hasn't been backed up because I hate using iTunes on my pc.
  2. eye-Fone

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    Here's a USD$20 and get 15GB. ;-)

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  4. Musician

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    I think you can delete the iPad 2 backup from iCloud and backup your iPad 3 right after. Unless you are in really bad luck, I think this won't creat and problem. :)
  5. Jmbaker429

    Jmbaker429 Evangelist

    You can either delete old backups to create mo space for your new backup or you can buy more space. I would just delete the older backups and then backup your new iPad. You should be good to go after that. :)
  6. JFN

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    How do you delete old backups? Is it done on the cloud, or Itunes, or the device?
  7. Jmbaker429

    Jmbaker429 Evangelist

    Settings>iCloud>storage&backup>manage storage>select which backup you want to delete> scroll to bottom and press delete.
    This can be done on the device itself.
  8. Jmbaker429

    Jmbaker429 Evangelist

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  9. JFN

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    Thank You!

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