New iPad? iPad 2? Or hold off?

Discussion in 'iPad 3' started by irainbow_chic, Sep 20, 2012.

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    So I have been saving for an iPad and I think I almost ready to make that leap. Idk if I should go the cheaper route and get an iPad 2? Or go ahead and get the "new" one. Even still, I have waited this long and I know they will most likely release another one in March, should I just wait until then. Hmmmm what do you folks think?
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    To me it's a no-brainer. For only $100 more you get Retina graphics, a vastly improved rear camera, LTE (unless you go the wifi-only route), and twice the memory (1GB ram vs 512MB in the 2).

    You often find a sweet spot for cost/performance being a step behind the bleeding edge in technology, but not so much with Apple products, in my experience.

    Regarding waiting, that's hard to say at this point. Depends on how much you want one. The main thing that would make me wait is if you're getting a new iPhone and want a matching lightning connector that will appear on the fourth gen iPad.
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    Yeah I would spend the extra hundred for the new iPad.


    I would just wait for the next iPad. What with all these talks about a mini iPad coming soon and all. I bet it'll be out and ready right around the holiday season. Makes sense.

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