new iPhone - if i jailbreak can i still update?

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New Member
Jul 17, 2007
so i have a new iPhone....running on 1.1.1 my questions is if jailbreak it...and install apps on it....primarily apolloim ...will i still be able to say update my phone when the new firmware comes out? or will i be able to restore using iTunes easily?

Thanks in advance


New Member
Sep 4, 2007
Daytona Beach
Basically I was running a jailbreaked iPhone 1.02. I did a restore to 1.1.1 just to see what the itune store was all about. I prayed and prayed some more while I was doing the restore update that it would not come back bricked. Well my prayers were answered and I have a fully functional 1.1.1 iPhone.

Thanking about jail breaking 1.1.1 to get the customization back again. Tell you the truth my phone looks a little blah and this is for someone that only uses the email, phone, and iTunes part most of the time.