New iPhone - need suggestions on screen, case, etc.


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Dec 19, 2007
My husband got a new iPhone yesterday for Christmas. Anyway he is a paramedic and I really want to be sure this thing is protected for him. What is the best screen protector to use so that the screen does not get broken. I have seen many phones on Ebay with broken screens and I really want to make sure we do the right thing so this phone doesn't get broken. Also what is the best case for it so that if it does get dropped it is protected. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated! We are new to the iPhone stuff and love it already!


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Jul 22, 2007
Stevenson Ranch
The best way is to do a search on the forum. You will find plently of reviews. It is more of a personal thing when it comes to cases.

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Sep 6, 2007
Charleston WV
For the case, it depends on the material you want. I have 3 different cases that I really like (Ive been through about 8 of them, and these are my top 3)

Leather: Sena Magnet Flipper Case
Site :

Rubber: iSkin Revo

Plastic: Switcheasy Capsule (I just ordered this and haven't got it yet, but from what ive read here on the forums, this is better than its competition in this category, the Agent 18 eco case.
Site: I got mine from
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if hes a paramedic... id suggest the iskin revo... it has all over protection... the visor for the screen is awesome, the grip on the iskin is amazing... and the screen protector it comes with is nice... i got this case to use when i go running and it protects it nicely... the only downside is that the case attracts a lot of lint if u keep it in your pocket... but overall a nice case