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Aug 31, 2009
I apoligise ahead of time if this question has already been asked...

Okay so i have a iPhone 3G that i have been using for about a year now and i have been using on the family computer. I just got a new laptop for my birthday and i would like to use it as the main iTunes for my iPhone. i used music rescue to take all of my music off and put it on my new laptop. I understand that if i sync it with my new laptop i will lose all of my contacts in my phone which i entered manually and i have no backup of. Is there any program i can use to recover my contacts without having to type them into address book on my new laptop manually? i don't really care about losing the apps cause i can redownload them and like i said i already have all my music moved onto my new laptop.



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Dec 12, 2008
Back your contacts up in a Google/Gmail or Yahoo account and then sync them on through iTunes. From that point on, every time you sync the phone iTunes, it will update the contacts list in your email account and they will always be safe in case you lose or break the phone, upgrade to a new one, get a new computer, etc.

Here's a great thread that goes over everything you need to know when switching computers.