New pictures are not appearing in camera roll

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by drewatl, Aug 2, 2009.

  1. drewatl

    drewatl Member

    HELP! Every time I take new pictures. The picture appears as a thumbnail, but once I touch the thumbnail to view the picture. It doesn't show up! I have backed my phone up several times, and I did a hard reset. What is the problem? What should I do next? I really don't want to restore......
  2. Sharunda

    Sharunda Genius

    I previously posted this in a different thread and the people there are having similar problems. If you do a search you may come up with some others who are having the same problem. This is not isolated at all. You're not alone. If you hook the phone up to your PC or MAC (I guess) you should see the pictures and or video you took that is not showing up on your phone. Don't do a restore or hard reset for this problem any more that is not going to work and from what I was told by a Genius a hard reset is only for the most dire of problems once in a blue moon not as a fix all the time. I was told it is just not a good idea to do that too many times, they had no real concrete reason for me on that one.

    I hate to see a fellow iPhone owner suffer and feel like the damn thing just isn't working. Hook it up to your computer and get the pictures off, they should show up. Post back here at let us know how it goes.

    I hope they come up with a patch for this soon. It is annoying.

    The photos are a weird deal on the iPhone. My 3G had that problem and my 3GS is having the same problem. I think it's a PC thing. My computer is so old it's not even funny and I thought I was loosing pictures for a while there. I would take pictures with my iPhone and they would not show up in the camera roll but when i hooked the iPhone up to my computer and copied the pictures over to an awaiting folder they would show up there. It was and still is weird.

    My husband is having the same problem. When he takes pictues they do not go to his camera roll and when he takes a video it does not go to his camera roll either and when i hook his iPhone up to the comptuer, there they are. All the pictures that he took and didn't see in the camera roll and the video as well.

    We have called Apple Support about this but they are baffled. I figure it's just a PC thing, an OLD PC Thing.

    One day, we will be able to get a MAC. Until then, we suffer though.
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  4. drewatl

    drewatl Member


    But for some odd reason, the pictures are appearing in the camera roll again. I'm pretty sure that they might stop appearing again! If so i'll post back. I didn't do any thing special to get it back working again it just happened. I have a MAC and it's not your PC thats given you issuses
  5. Tinman

    Tinman Evangelist

    How many photos are you leaving in the camera roll, a lot of them? I remember having a problem once when I had MANY photos in the camera roll. Finally moved them to my PC, added the ones I wanted on the iPhone to a synced photos folder and all was well again.

  6. drewatl

    drewatl Member

    Ok! BAD NEWS! It's back to what it was doing again.... I don't know what's up! I had over 2,000 photos, I did delete some because I though that was the problem...NOT! I hope when I erase everything it will be back to normal. I can't wait till the 18th when I get my 3GS. Hopefully I wont have that problem with that phone.
  7. Tinman

    Tinman Evangelist

    That is a lot of photos in the camera roll, even if you've deleted some. Why not just upload them to a PC/Mac, and then sync the ones you want--or heck all of them--via iTunes? Then you can clear out all of the camera roll photos. I bet you'll get much better performance while in the camera app too.

  8. Sharunda

    Sharunda Genius

    WOW! 2,000 photos is a lot! OMG! I had close to 400 and so did my husband. I figured we had too many photos on our phones but when I mentioned this to the Tech at Apple, they didn't think that could be the problem for some reason. I thought it could be, but no matter how many photos we took off of the phone the problem still happened. I think the best thing to do is to start with a clean slate. Take all the pictures off the phone and put the ones you want in a folder, like Mike mentioned and then go from there.

    I really wish Apple would address this problem through a software update or somehting, but I think they could be as baffled as we are on this one.
  9. bobo99

    bobo99 New Member

    Fixed Camera Roll Photos myself! least partly ;)

    For now I'm NOT able to bring back the photos I've only got the thumbnails recently, since the strange camera roll behaviour started (I didn't take that many since then so I can live with it) BUT since i did this my camera&camera roll work nice again!

    The reason photos don't show up in the "camera roll" seems to be a mis-setting in the user-rights:

    My solution works for jailbreak-iphones (mine is a 3G):
    - connect to your iPhone over SSH (I used "cyberduck" for it) as a root-user
    - go to the "/private/var/mobile/media/DCIM" folder
    - inside there should be the folders "100APPLE" and "999APPLE" (not shure, but maybe the "999..."-one only exists if you installed the cydia-app "snapture")
    - set all the permissions of these two folders to allow read, write and execute (just seemed to be logical to me, but I'm not that trained in the unix-permissions thing, just tried it out and it worked)(if you use "cyberduck" don't forget to click the "apply"-button :))
    -log off
    Your camera-roll should be fixed. You can check it imediately, no reboot required!:cool:

    !This is how I fixed this for me, if you do it yourself remember that you can ruin almost everything on your phone over ssh since you're logged in as root!

    If you're not familiar with connecting to your (jailbreak)phone - just follow the instructions in cydia (user guides>"OpenSSH Access How-TO")

    As I mentioned above, I'm not an expert in these UNIX things - maybe setting the rights the way I did shows my photos everyone in the world who knows a bit more of these commandline-things than me...

    If you've not applied the jailbreak think if it's worth jailbreaking just for the camera-roll repair - restoring a jailbreak-iphone is even more annoying since all the apps from outside the app-store need to be installed "step by step" manually again after the restore:mad:
  10. drewatl

    drewatl Member

    Hey everyone, Thanks for all your help. I ended restoring my iPhone, and everything is working like it should. I would suggest you'll do the same, if you have encountered the same problem. I will keep you inform if this problem reoccur.

  11. Jlbecktel

    Jlbecktel New Member

    I found a fix for the pictures not showing up after jail breaking your I phone, SSH your phone and go to the root directory private/var/mobile/MEDIA/DCIM Make sure that the permissions are set read write and execute on the 100APPLE directory also there should be a directory that is labeled .MISC do the same for this directory. This worked for me, I hope this helps!
  12. Sharunda

    Sharunda Genius

    Well, my iPhone 3Gs has finally succumed to the no pictures or video showing up curse. I guess its time to restore my phone.

    drewatl: I guess I have to do what you did. Restore. I'm glad it worked out for you. When I did that for my husbands phone it did not help at all.

    There has got to be a fix for this.

    Dag on it! I guess I will have to spend time on the phone with Apple once again.
  13. Sharunda

    Sharunda Genius

    My restore did it! i now have the abiity to take pictures that show up in Photos! Great. The restore worked. There was a problem with my itunes no recognizing my iPhone and telling me there was an error and what not. I had to restart my old computer twice before iturnes straightened up. I didn't need to uninstall it and reinstall it. It just needed a computer restart.

    But after all of that i can take pictures. Now I have to fix my husbands iPhone.

    Oh yeah, and I put all my pictures in the Picture Safe app for safe keeping. I also have copies of them on my computer so i am covered.

    All in all, it appears that a restore will help this situation if anyone else has it. If the restore does not help try shutting down itunes and restarting your computer a time or two. That's what i had to do. I'm glad I did, because now i can take pics that show up again!
  14. adamkid7263

    adamkid7263 New Member

    hey everyone! i found the answer! yes im so happy bcuz i use alot of pictures! anyways the reason theyre not showing up is some kind of glitch and the pictures are in camera roll they are just above quite a few old pics. so go into camera roll and scroll up until u see your most recent picture saved and there you go

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