New "Processing Email" from AT&T

Jun 30, 2007
Just got a second email from AT&T

"We are currently processing your order. Your order number is XXXXXX. You will receive an additional e-mail when your order is complete that will provide further instructions to activate your iPhone."

This is the second email that I got since beginning the activation process about 22 hours ago.

Anyone else get this and if so how long did it take for the next email or to activate?

Think it is something to do with having a "foundation number" associated with my account. A "foundation number" provides a corporate discount for premier members. I had to agree to have it removed.


Jun 22, 2007
i just got the same email, i just added a line so... anyways i hope this means we are getting closer to being able to USE this $600 phone!
I just got it too, and I've never had a so called corporate account. BTW, I was w/Cingular since 2003, well before this misbegotten takeover by AT&T.

And I was a former AT&T employee, till divestiture in 1984.

Jun 30, 2007
Searched Google for "iPhone" and went to the news section and the very first article ( mentioned the following...

Apparently, if you ever had a corporate discount on your account or if you were ported from Cingular to AT&T after the merger, your account ends up with a "businesss code" on it. After spending another 30 minutes on the phone with AT&T and Apple - and sending a nasty note to Apple tech support - you get a courtesy response: "We realize that this is not a businesss phone and are working diligently to fix the known problem." Which apparently takes a full 24 to 72 hours to fix.