New To iPhone and have a few questions

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Oct 12, 2007
OK first thing is where do i find the bluetooth feature on this phone . i cant seem to find it any where .

ok my biggest problem is that when i transfer pix using iTunes to my phone some of them come out nice and others are mangled / distorted . Why is this ? is there a way to fix this and not let this happen . When people ask me to show them the iPhone i am hesitant bc i don't want them to see the nasty image quality .. i know this shouldnt be normal .


New Member
Oct 2, 2007
Victoria, B.C. Canada
go into settings/general and you will see Bluetooth from there, 3r from bottom. I also have the same issue with pics. I had about 7 folders with about 500 or so pics. Some transferred all f'd up like in negative color and such and some folders and pics didn't even idea :sick: