New Trent Alixo Rugged Transparent Case [ REVIEW ]

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    Hello everyone, this is my review of the :
    New Trent Alixo Rugged Transparent Case for iPhone 5/5s

    For the stability and price of this case, you cant really find anything better.
    This case provides exceptional protection to your phone without adding all the bulk. it is made from a sturdy hard plastic and consists of two pieces that sandwich the iphone, giving you great protection!
    All buttons are easy to press and there's no difficulty in that. The only annoyance ive had with this case is that you have to have nails in order to open the bottom flaps to gain access to the charge and headphone jacks, but this is only a minor inconvenience and does not reflect on the quality and protection of this case. This case also has a clear back plate so you can still show off the beauty of your iphone while keeping it protected. Because we all know how beautiful our iphones are and want to show them off! The front plate is interchangeable between two different colors. You have the option of black or white , depending on what you think looks best on your iphone. This case also works with the Iphone 5s and its touch screen sensor.

    I hope this review helps you in looking for a good case and i hope you guys check it out! check out my photos for a better view. :) IMG_5719.JPG IMG_5720.JPG IMG_5721.JPG IMG_5722.JPG IMG_5723.JPG
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