New Update messed some stuff up

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Michael Baturin

Jul 11, 2007
South Jersey
OK. So it might not be the update, maybe just coincidental timing but...

Now people have a hard time calling me. When they do, it either goes to my voicemail, tells them call cannot be completed as dialed, or it goes through and then when I answer goes to voicemail and hangs up on my side. Weird. This happens about 40% of the time.
Also, when I make an outgoing call (regardless of signal) about 50% of the time it goes right to others voicemail and then a screen pops up saying call has been forwarded, and I am forced to hit "Dismiss"

Second, flicking through pictures, sometimes it skips one and flicks 2 times.

Third, it seems my second row from the top is unresponsive about 30% of the time, regardless of where I am on the iPhone.

Fourth, my ipod randomly will stop playing when I put it on shuffle of the rough 900 songs or so. And i KNOW I didn't go through that many lol. The GSM sound (you know the horse trotting sound), seems more frequent and louder.

So GREAT! Safari no longer crashes, instead, I am left with a cell phone that is suddenly unreliable, an mp3 player with a mind of its own, and a semi unresponsive "breakthrough" touchscreen. This really is the first time I have been disappointed at not only Apple, but my iPhone. Please 1.03 save me.


New Member
Jul 4, 2007
Funny about your phone connection issues. This past Monday and Teusday I noticed my iPhone signal strength dropped in half at my work location. I simply referring to the number of bars. And this cause numerious phone issues similar to what you stated. This lasted until Wednesday when it was back to full strength. I work for a wireless radio company and the other iPhone guy in the company and I did some tower signal stringth measurements and sure enough it had dropped significantly.

So, I think it may be a coincidence that your call problems started as I did not update to 1.0.2. Hopefully, your call problems will be temporary as ATT does whatever tests and gets it back to normal for ya.