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Discussion in 'iPhone 4' started by Oddmouse, Nov 13, 2012.

  1. Oddmouse

    Oddmouse New Member

    After doing a bunch of searching I still didn't find anything like I'm expierencing.
    Slow data speeds on my iPhone 4
    I'm not a heavy data user so I'm 99% sure I'm not being throttled
    What's the standard for 3G speed tests? Also all together my device seems laggy/slow
    I'm on iOS 6.0.1
    Should I downgrade? If so how and to which would you recommend?
  2. No standard for 3G data speeds.
    Varies widely based on carrier and location.
    Check your carriers coverage maps for locations you are experiencing issues.
    If you are on Sprint, it's well documented that they have capacity issues, but are moving forward with a nationwide buildout.
    Does your device seem slow when using wifi?
    Did u buy in used?
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  4. Oddmouse

    Oddmouse New Member

    I'm AT&T
    Bought it new when the unlimited plan was still popular
    iPhone 4 32gb

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