New user - without a Syncing clue wot to do? Help pls?


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Sep 16, 2009
Hello all,

Just signed up here today and am hoping I have come to the right place..... I have just got my 1st iPhone, a 3GS (UK version). I have a laptop with all my music on it and iTunes 9. now here's the start of the problem...

I am used to previous phones (sony ericsson, Nokia) being stand alone phones, which I would connect to a PC to download images and ringtones (for backup purpose), but the iPhone seems to have to be connected to iTunes to do anything?

I have a folder full of music on my PC which I have imported into iTunes, but when I connect my 3GS, it keeps wanting to put all of the music onto it... which I might not want. Also, I have some applications on the phone, which I want to back up onto iTunes in case anything happens to the phone, but when i sync, it removes all from the phone...

I think I get it... that the PC and iTunes is kind of the master and that the iPhone is the slave and whatever I have on iTunes must or will be put onto the phone regardless of if I want it or not because its all done when syncing, I just not sure of what I am doing.

I have some videos on my PC I want on the phone, I put 10 on and watch 5, I then want to take those 5 off I have watched, I sync and they all go or all stay - do I have to remove the 5 from my PC? what if I want to keep them for another day but not want them on the phone?

Am really not getting iTunes at all.. I would like a simple bit of software which would act like windows explorer and allow me to just drag n drop wot I want - all this syncing is annoying me now.

Worst of all is contacts..... I type them in manually, sync and it replaces with the ones on my PC - which is none so they all gone now!

Pls pls pls... anyone help me to set up iTunes so that each time I connect, it backs up my contacts - adding any new ones to my PC and not replacing the list on my phone with an old one from the PC....

I am fed up keep connecting phone to iTunes and it deleting things..



Nov 16, 2008
Maryland, USA
You need to read up on the options available to you with iTunes. For example, I have a number favorite podcasts. My sync preference says keep the 5 most recent. For music, you can designate which playlists to keep on the phone. started as mainly an iPod/iTunes site but it also covers the iPhone and accessories now. Here is a link to a tutorial for managing videos.



Jul 1, 2009
iTunes sucks and is stupid. The only thing I can suggest is to check the box that says manage music manually. I feel your pain.


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Jul 12, 2009
iTunes sucks and is stupid. The only thing I can suggest is to check the box that says manage music manually. I feel your pain.
this is a great idea. i learned it with my ipod touch never went back.