New way to get email on iPhone?


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Feb 2, 2008
I'm dying to get corp email on my iPhone and with IMAP turned off it's been quite a hassle. I've tried the Synchronica and Visto as well - but IT decided to put SecurID onto the front end of OWA - so now those don't work either.

So I went searching around and found "email forwarder" - that supposedly forwards all emails from Outlook to another email account. Now I know in Outlook, there are rules to forward, etc (but that is turned off by default for fwding any email to an outside email address). Anyway, long story short - this email forwarder is at least allowing me to read my corp emails! I think it's made by a company called SRS1 software - i have no relation to the company - still using it as a 14 day trial right now. Thought i'd share.

Only major drawback is that all of the forwarded messages going to my GMail account are sent from myself on corp email.

Anyone know of a better email forwarder solution?


Mar 8, 2007
Columbus, GA
That sux. Synchronica has been great for me on my MS Exchange account at school.


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Feb 16, 2008
Try this.....

IT may or may not work. I've never heard of a secure id? before. The only diff between OWA was the Form and non-form authentication.

It's a new app I just created and works similar to the ones above. You need an IMAP account to foreard the emails to. I use google then setup aliasing in gmail so when I send from the account it has my work email address.