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May 5, 2009
Hello All,

I recently purchased a used 2G iPhone. I am pretty well versed in the arena of cell phones but I have to admit the iPhone is fairly different. You see, I never had an iPod and thereforee never used iTunes. So most of my learning curve, at least right now, is iTunes.

Since buying my iPhone, I have upgraded it to 2.2.1, jailbroken and unlocked the phone. I am using T-Mobile with no data or web features. I do have my iPhone connected to my Wifi network. So now to the questions I hope you gals and guys can help me with:

1. I have read that T-Mobile subs with iPhones should get T-Zones to surf the net. Isn't there a serious limitation on bandwidth - 10mb that makes this impractical on the iPhone? I'd like to be able to check email and search for a phone number using, etc every now and then. Would I go over the 10mb quickly if I only used it a couple times a week?

2. I have not registered nor created an iTunes account. I ugraded, jailbroke and unlocked the phone with no SIM. Is it OK register with a jailbroken and unlocked phone? I'd like to download some free games and apps.....I would like to stay below the radar from Apple or anyone else if possible.

3. Are there any landscape keyboard apps that work with adding contacts, calendar and notes? I don't text at all so the apps I came across aren't fitting my needs. At least I don't think they will as they only advertise landscape while SMSing.

All help is greatly appreciated. If anyone knows of a good tutorial to read that will open the door to iPhone knowledge I'd be grateful for that too.




Oct 17, 2007
I am not jb so cannot help you there. You have probably already accessed the iPhone user guide but if not here it is. Good luck.
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Mar 21, 2008
8 mile
1. i am unsure of the tmobile's bandwith limitations, someone who is unlocked and on their network can comment on that, i am neither.

2. you can make an iTunes account even without an iPhone, just go to the iTunes store on your computer and register that, then sync your iPhone and you will be ready to roll.

3. no landscape texting for notes, contacts, or calendar. if you install clippy you can write them in landscape on the internet, copy them, and then paste them in the application you want. give the keyboard a try though and get used to it, it is pretty darn good imo.