NEWS: Apple Patent Watch: Portable User Accounts Coming to iPhone?

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New Member
Jun 11, 2007
I searched for this, i know its a day old or so, but I didn't see it posted. My apologies if it is a dupe.

Apple Patent Watch: Portable User Accounts Coming to iPhone?

Another Apple patent. This one pertains to an old but good technology which Apple have been planning for a while: Portable Home folders. Instead of being tied to one computer, all your files and preferences are kept in one folder. This is standard on the Mac. The portability comes in when you put that folder on an external device. No longer tied to one machine, you can carry everything in your pocket and hook up wherever you find a computer.

From a user persepctive this would rock! From an IT perspective, I'm not sure, sounds like a management nightmare. I would definitely need more than 8GB to haul around my home directory though.

- SR


New Member
Apr 20, 2007
Madison, Wisconsin
Or even if you could access your Mac while away from it...wirelessly. Kind of like what you are supposed to be able to do with Leopard I think? Then the 8gb storage wouldn't be an issue.

I could come off sounding like a complete idiot...just ideas, not statements :)


New Member
May 5, 2007
This is a great idea. I used to use my iPod as my home directory. Very handy especially in a company that didn't allow us to have any personal items of any kind on the Mac. I would definitely use this if the iPhone had more storage space. A plug-in memory card adapter would be a great use for this. Only problem might be if it only works with Leopard.