NEWS: iPhone Mania Nears Fever Pitch


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Jun 11, 2007
iPhone Mania Nears Fever Pitch

June 29 is the day many gear-heads have marked on their calendars as iDay, the release of what independent analyst Richard Doherty calls "the most eagerly awaited consumer technology device of the last 20 years."

First I have heard of it being called iDay.

Whoever wrote the article looks like they are reading this forum, check out this quote:

Online discussion boards debate shopping scenarios: Should you stand in line with mobs at a big urban store, only to discover they have only a handful of phones? Or go out to the suburbs and try your luck with a smaller, less-busy store?

Sounds like the debates on here on EI.

Not much new info in the artcile that we don't already know. Some interesting stats at the bottom of the artcile about what the iPhone could do to Apple as a company. Pretty amazing if they actually hit all those numbers

- SR