Nextbit introduces Robin, the smartphone that features tight cloud integration


Dec 7, 2011
Miami, Florida

Is the limited storage on your smartphone cramping your style? If so, then Nextbit has just introduced the phone for you. The phone is rectangular, with sharp, masculine edges—none of those effeminate rounded edges that adorn other smartphones. Robin is available in two color schemes: cyan/white, or black.

Robin features Android Lollipop 5.1.1 and comes with impressive specs. But what truly sets Robin apart is its tight integration with cloud services. This integration is so tight, in fact, that the back of the phone has an actual cloud icon on it!


Below that icon reside no fewer than four light-emitting diodes which blink diligently to indicate when the phone is syncing with… you guessed it… the cloud.

The phone was envisioned and made by Mike Chan and Tom Moss—along with Scott Croyle. If these names sound familiar, it's because these guys have worked at Google's Android project and HTC.

As soon as you turn on the phone, BAM, you get 100 GB of free cloud storage to hold all the stuff that you may not be able to fit on the phone's on-board storage (which is 32 GB, by the way). So, you basically have 132 GB of storage to fill up… a lifetime's worth of photos or a decade's worth of videos.

Other specs, which you're probably already wondering about, include:

cloudicon.png Snapdragon 808 processor
cloudicon.png 3 GB of RAM
cloudicon.png 5.2-inch 1080p IPS display
cloudicon.png 4G LTE support
cloudicon.png Bluetooth LE 4.0
cloudicon.png Fingerprint sensor
cloudicon.png 13-megapixel rear camera
cloudicon.png 5-megapixel front camera
cloudicon.png dual speakers with amplifiers
cloudicon.png USB Type-C
cloudicon.png a 2680 mAh battery​

Robin will become available in retail early next year, and will cost $400.

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