No Battery Support from Apple on iPhone 3GS

Discussion in 'iPhone 3GS' started by rottenapple, Dec 17, 2015.

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    I called Apple this week (Dec 15, 2015) to have a new battery installed in my Iphone 3GS phone. I was shocked when I was told that this phone is no longer supported by Apple, not even being able to change out the battery. They said I could try a 3rd party to change the battery, which I tried and it was not successful. For some unknown reason, non-Apple batteries cause the phone to power cycle on and off continuously, so an original apple battery is needed. Therefore, the apple operator told me that I need to scrap my phone and upgrade. WHY? MY PHONE IS ONLY 4 YEARS OLD AND WORKS PERFECTLY WELL - it just needs a new battery. So I am learning that Apple is a very GREEDY and NON-ENVIRONMENTALLY friendly company by making me throw away a perfectly good phone, just because they won't provide a new battery for it. I don't want my perfectly good 4 year old phone to go into a landfill and pollute our environment sooner than it should. I also don't like Apple telling me that I need to upgrade my phone when I do not have to. I like my small and convenient phone. I don’t care that it doesn’t have “Siri” or other “latest features” that will just be obsolete in another 4-5 years… I just need a new battery! Apple is one of the richest companies in the world, and instead of providing good on-going post sales support for their products, they dis-continue support on their products after just 4 years and try to get you to upgrade unnecessarily!! I would not expect any other appliance in my home, like my TV, watch or Dishwasher to only last 4 years! THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE - what a horrible company Apple has become. Forget about the environment and customer service, just focus on GREED… Why should I buy anything else from Apple?
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    Your iPhone is actually six years old, not four—it was released on June 19th, 2009. Your actual date of purchase, either from Apple or from another source, doesn't matter to Apple.

    Here's a list of vintage and obsolete products. You'll find Apple's definitions of those terms near the beginning of the article. Your iPhone, I'm sorry to inform you, is on this list.

    Unfortunately for the consumer, electronics—especially computers, smartphones, and tablets—go by different rules than dishwashers.
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    First off, if you are concerned about the environment, you can recycle your phone rather than throwing it in the trash. Most people sell them. A 3GS still has value, even if it's broken. Another option is to buy a 3GS battery online and have a local repair shop install it for you.

    The newer software doesn't run optimally on older hardware. It would result in extremely poor performance. To get the latest security updates, you have to be running newer firmware. This is the reason they stop supporting them after about five years. After about three years, they don't perform as well, but are still supported. Apple actually supports their phones longer than any other cell phone manufacturer and are widely thought to have the best customer service.

    You cannot compare a dishwasher to a cell phone. There is a vast difference in technology that is used. There isn't much difference between a new dishwasher and one that is twenty years old. Cell phones are mobile computers and become outdated within just a few years. Like all other cell phone manufacturers, Apple needs to improve their devices on an annual basis to stay competitive. While there are some people who don't care about any these improvements, they are in the minority. If nothing else, most people want the latest apps or games, and phones that are six years old simply don't have the hardware and processing power to run them. If you insist on interpreting moving forward and phasing out obsolete cell phones as unacceptable greed, you do not have to buy another cell phone from Apple, but you won't find it to be much different with any other manufacturer.
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    Six years - even four years - is a lifetime in tech, especially cellphones. Apple is one of the best companies as far as supporting older model devices. But expecting the 3GS to be supported still is a bit much. Fortunately there is an entire cottage industry to repair older devices.

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