No camera on the front ?


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Apr 14, 2007
Seems like the iPhone has no camera on the front of the unit in order to make videoconferencing possible. There are many 3G phones that have had this feature for years, you would think that a mobile phone by Apple released in '2007' would have such a feature, with such a large display this would be a perfect addition and videoconferencing is the 'future' of mobile phones, and has been in the market for awhile now, seems like standard fare on such a 'high spec' and premium price phone, not to have a camera on the front is really strange, this makes it only possible for your standard voice call, how boring, it's the 21'st century. Sure they'll introduce it in future models but for the 'introduction' model the lack of this feature and not to mention 3G is a major dissapointment especially for such a premium price. :(
the iPhone isn't 3G, how 20'th century


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Mar 7, 2007
While agree that 3G is the future, I am perfectly happy that it has not been included with the first generation of iPhone. Current 3G implementations are very power hungry. Personally, I would much rather have more talk and iPod time than have 3G. Add to the power demands the fact that 3G is not available in a lot of areas in the US, I think Apple made a good decision in not including 3G in the first version.

I have read that the next generation of chips are much more power efficient than ones currently available. I would imagine that Apple will take advantage of them when it upgrades the current design.

This of course is just my opinion YMMV ;).


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Mar 17, 2007
I have to agree with wot_fan. Apple made the right decision NOT to throw in everything including the kitchen sink. They're taking all the most important elements of a portable device (phone, music, internet) and making them "insanely great."

Besides, if you looked at how many folks are out there right now using video conferencing on a mobile device, I just don't think it's significant yet. Sure it's chicken and the egg but I don't think the underlying technology is ready for prime time.


Apr 15, 2007
Personally I think Apple did the right thing with 2G. I have a 3G phone right now but I am still going to get the iPhone, why? because 3G to me isn't what it's all cracked up to be. Have any of you tried video calling someone? It's like talking to a pixelated blob. Not to mention how few people there are that acutally have a 3G phone (in Australia, at least).

I have heard that the 2.5G EDGE is 100kb/s. That is faster than most broadband connections here down under. That would be more than fast enough for me.