No help for PPC users?


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Jul 22, 2007
ok guys there is some hope =D.... let me go into details

there is this thing out there called iPHUC (iPHoneUtilityClient) which lets you run jailbreak from your PPC mac.... sounds great and dandy, cept one tihng, everything needs to be done through the terminal....

here is the link

So i tried it, it didn't work.... so i went on irc, and talked to one of the guys there on the Iphuc channel, he helped me out lots, we got pretty far, until we got stuck... so basically i am going to redownload eveyrthing to see if that works... If it does me n the guys working on it will post a tutorial on how to do this for us PPC users....

Weve waited long enough.... Time to do something about it...
i've been trying to get it to work as well... with no luck. when i do the "sudo port install readline" command, i get errors. any ideas?