No icons on main page using Customize?


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Oct 2, 2007
Victoria, B.C. Canada
Hey All,
I have been racking my brains trying to do this. I am using Customize and have cleared my home page of icons except for the dock with 4 icons at the bottom. What I was trying to do was set up icons on the first page and using the eye icon so that they wouldn't show. Then I would put all the icons I want to use on the second page and mark the eye so they would be seen. So what I was trying for was two pages with the first being the 'blank' page and then swiping to the second page where my icons that I wanted would be seen. I hope I am making sense. Of course everytime I set that up it keeps defaulting the viewable icons to the first page. :mad: Is there something I am missing or is it impossible to do this. Thanks in advance for any help!


Jul 1, 2007
Stamford, CT
its not impossible but its a fairly crappy would have to create 12 "ghost apps" with blank icons and set those as your first 12 obviously if you hit them they wont do anything but they will take up the screen and then the apps you do want to see will be on the second page

heres a link for hackint0sh on how to do this