No Service - Restore message


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Jul 4, 2007
I have had this problem now 4 times. I got the 3GS iPhone, 16GB, on opening day. The problem is that I turn on the phone by pressing the home button and on the screen with the "slide to unlock" I get a message asking me to restore my phone via iTunes. The phone indicates No Service at the top. I can go into the phone operations but I still have "No Service" at the top. Settings application when opened goes blank and then times out and I am returned to apps. I have not yet restored with iTunes. I can fix the problem by turning off - complete shut down by pressing the home and power button. The phone then works fine - full service strength. I thought it had to do with low power as it had only happened with <20% power the first 3 times. But today it happened with power level at about 80%.

Any ideas? Hardware issue? Should I restore? The phone is NOT jailbroke - never has been.


Feb 27, 2009
Restore can't hurt. This happened to me once with the 3G. The phone actually said it needed to be activated. Plugged into iTunes and it reactived. Be sure your contacts are backed up with something other than iTunes if you restore. Make an appt with Genius if it keeps happening.