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Discussion in 'iPhone 4' started by iBanana, Jan 31, 2012.

  1. iBanana

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    I have done some googling and I just cant seem to find an answer for this one...

    Just recently my iPhone 4's sound has stopped working. It rings, but that is all that works. It doesn't make noise when I get a text message, listen to my ipod, spotify, youtube, or netflix. When the headphones are plugged in it works fine. You'll see in the attached pictures I don't have option to turn it up. The phone isn't on mute, and when I use the volume buttons it doesn't turn it up or down. I do a hard reboot and the slider works when you open it the first time and then its done.

    I use Apple usb cords with apple head phones. I have an iHome that I dock it on at night for my alarm clock and I havent docked it since I realized there was an issue, but Ill try that tonight.

    What I have tried:
    Hard Reboot
    Restore from Back Up
    Restore as New

    I guess if this doesn't work I will have to go to Apple, but with my current work schedule it wont be easy.

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  2. Europa

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    Hi, iBanana. So even after a restore to factory settings you can't slide the slider away from the off position on the far left? Is the screen unresponsive when you try to slide it?
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  4. iBanana

    iBanana Member

    I cant turn it up, the little knob that shows up on my work phone doesn't show up on my personal phone.
  5. iBanana

    iBanana Member

  6. Jdsmitty10

    Jdsmitty10 Member

    When U try to turn the volume up or down does it say headphones? I got a splash of water in my headphone jack last summer on my 4 and it made whatever dust/fuzz was in there make the phone think it had headphones in the jack. Which made it have no sound unless headphones were in. I tore the cotton off a Qtip and fixed it.
  7. iBanana

    iBanana Member

    No it doesn't. The headphones work fine.
  8. Jdsmitty10

    Jdsmitty10 Member

    I wasn't asking if the headphones work. I was asking if the phone shows "headphones" when u turn the volume up or down with the side buttons. I too had a no sound issue because the phone "thought" there were headphones in the jack therefore no sound except when it rang. Couldn't hear any other sounds because something was in the headphone jack making my phone think it had headphones in. I could tell this by seeing "headphones" on the little volume popup when using the side buttons.
  9. iBanana

    iBanana Member

    No it doesn't.

    Sound plays when the phone is locked...thats the only time.
  10. iBanana

    iBanana Member

    This was posted. It did end up fixing the problem. Big thanks to the guy who posted the video.

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