No Sound or Vibration on New Mail Notification

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by iLobster, Aug 16, 2008.

  1. iLobster

    iLobster New Member

    I'm having a bit of problem, and was wondering if anyone has experienced the same? When I receive a new mail notification, there is no sound or vibration. This is the case when the phone is locked and with a blank screen and a new mail notification pops up as well as when the phone is unlocked and on.

    The "silent mode" switch is not engaged, and I hear sounds and vibration for everything else including calls and SMS notifications. The sound setting for new mail is set to on.
  2. 420greg

    420greg New Member

    Settings | Sounds

    Make sure 'new mail' is set to on.
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  4. iLobster

    iLobster New Member

    Yep, it's already on.
  5. dturner

    dturner Zealot

    Mine seems to have no pattern. For the most part I get the sound but sometimes I get nothing. Seems like I am on wifi when I get no sound. Wonder if it just downloads so fast the sound doesn't "trigger"????
  6. iLobster

    iLobster New Member

    Hmm, just emailed myself with wi-fi turned off, still no sound or vibration. Thanks for the suggestion though!
  7. jarofclay73

    jarofclay73 Zealot

    Do you actually HAVE push e-mail?
  8. redime

    redime New Member

    I don't get a sound at all when I get new mail. I have to go in and check. I will get the sound when I'm in checking and after It connects and I do have mail.
  9. redstar299

    redstar299 New Member


    Jailbreak and download gives you a little envelope to tell you that you have a message on the top of the screen and allows you to set email, sms and voicemail reminders with vibrate and sounds - i get intermittent notifications from the iphone as well so for me this software is a lifesaver
  10. iLobster

    iLobster New Member

    It's not push in the sense that it doesn't download the e-mail immediately, but I do get a notification that there is a new e-mail on the server. The notification right now just does not have a sound attached to it, so if I'm not looking at my screen when it happens I won't know I have a new message.

    I do get the sound and vibration after opening my mailbox, connecting, and downloading the message. However, I'm pretty sure the new mail notification used to have a sound that went with it as well -- the tritone or whatever the "new text" sound is configured to. It has been silent for a while now, but I'm about 95% sure it used to make a sound and vibrate when the notification came up before.
  11. redstar299

    redstar299 New Member

    yes I have the same exact issue. It's annoying so I use intelliscreen
  12. iLobster

    iLobster New Member

    Interesting solution. I'd still prefer a licensed or 1st-party fix if possible, but it's good to know 2.01 can be jailbroken. I'll probably be going this route if there are no other solution presents itself.
  13. redstar299

    redstar299 New Member

    there's no difference in performance jailbroken or not. I've used them both ways and the 3g and dropped calls issue is identical
  14. iphonebob

    iphonebob New Member

    I thought i was going crazy with this problem also. Glad to hear that it is not just me.

    The issue is also weird because I get notifications on my old Email account just fine, But Apple's super duper Mobile Me account does not send regular email notifications or audible alerts for new messages. Lots of times I don't even get a "red" message notice on the iphone main screen to let me know something has come through, and when I check mail it won't even show the "blue dot" for unread mail on the screen (although I know it is a new message)

    If I am to rely on "Mobile Me" to migrate to, I need to have a stable program. Does anyone also notice this particular problem that I am having ? Is this a "mobile me" problem or possibly a "device" problem ?
  15. redstar299

    redstar299 New Member

    I don't have mobile me and I have the same problem.

    Trust me just jailbreak and get intelliscreen, it's the best app for the iPhone. You can turn off that annoying SMS issue where it displays the message on the screen, it puts a "today" page with your calendar, news, weather, SMS and email, adds a coveflow style speedial to the homescreen and more. It rocks.

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