Non-jailbroken iPod touch won't turn on

Sep 29, 2007
I am currently working with my friends iPod who said it just randomly died and he cant get it to turn on. I have tried multiple times to place it into DFU mode with no success and sometimes I am able to see a dim flicker of light but it goes away. I am guessing water damage but I don't know, if not the backlight is dead.

iTunes doesn't recognize it at all of course so I was wondering if anyone knew anything else I can do


Aug 2, 2007
dim flicker also sounds like a battery problem.
Check the dock and headphone jack (use a flashlight) and see if anything is pinkish or red. If it is, then, yes there is water damage.
If it is white, then it's possible that the battery is almost completely dead. I would suggest charging for an hour from a AC charger and then attempt a restore again.

Here is the big problem. The Touch only comes with a 90 day warranty. If he did not get Apple care, and he is outside his 90 days, he needs to see about sending off to somewhere like and having them check it out and see if they can fix it -for a price. It will probably be cheaper than getting a new one, but either way, he's coming out of pocket unless he wants to sell it cheap on eBay.
Sep 29, 2007
I checked the jack because I remember the indicator being there but no damage. I charged it for a straight 24 hours and that was when I found the best flicker but after that it slowly went away.

Most likely a battery problem like you said, ill forward him the site. Thanks. If anyone else has any other possible ideas please let me know because I am returning the iPod tonight.