Noob Question about MobileMe and Outlook

Feb 21, 2010
I am looking for a single solution for syncing email, contacts, calendar, tasks and notes wirelessly between my iPhone and my PC (Microsoft Outlook 2003 run under Windows XP) automatically, without being prompted on my PC and without any warning box about "A program is trying to access your address book" appearing on my PC. I am happy with the existing calendar, contact list and notes on my iPhone and don't want a sync program which installs its own ones.

Will MobileMe do all of this?

Also, how does the MobileMe email address work? Can I use it alongside my present ISP email address, as I do with Googlemail? (At present, all email gets forwarded automatically to my Googlemail account, which is the one I use on my phone.)


New Member
Mar 11, 2010
Yes, MobileMe will cater to all your needs except Notes, which cannot be synced using outlook. You can look into EverNote for syncing Notes wirelessly.

Yes, all your email can be forwarded to your MobileMe account.