Not enough disk space iTunes store?

Aug 11, 2007
I have a 4GB so space is limited. I tried to download one song from the WiFi store from my phone and it said "not enough disk space. Delete some video or photos to make room". I check and my phone shows 101MB free? A song should be no more than 5 or 6 MB. What gives?


Jul 1, 2007
A guess is Apple has decided to protect the operating system so that you cannot run down RAM space to a level when you cannot boot. They may have decided on an arbitrary lower limit of 100MB and thereforee you see this message.

It is well know that if you leave too little disk space for Windows or OSX, it will start to do really strange things.
The iPhone needs a certain amount of free space to be able to perform such things as checking email and all using Safari. Safari itself requires a certain amount used for it's cache. I have noticed that if I add some TV shows and they leave only 150MB or so, a few of those shows will not play and give me an error that they are corrupted. If I free up some space and add them back, they will play fine.