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    When i try to open a presentation in PowerPoint 2007, I receive the following error message:

    PowerPoint found unreadable content inPresentation.pptx. Do you want to recover the contects of this presentation? If you trust the source of this presentation, click Yes.

    What’s wrong?
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    Is it possible that the presentation you're trying to open was created using a later version of PowerPoint?

    Also, this document offers some tips which may help.

    Lastly, you could try uploading your .pptx file to Google Docs and using Google Slides to open it from there. Google Docs can handle many Microsoft Office documents. Some or all of your presentation may be salvageable. If Google Slides succeeds in opening your .pptx file, you're free to then export it as a Microsoft Powerpoint file and continue working on it using Powerpoint, or share it with others.
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