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Discussion in 'Photo Sharing' started by AllanGT, Jul 19, 2007.

  1. AllanGT

    AllanGT New Member

    There's random pics of different mods in a ton of threads, so I figured I would start an organized thread where we can see everybody's mods! :cool:

    I like how I could edit the Notes icon with my own text. Thanks Britna for the idea ;)
  2. birdman0824

    birdman0824 Member

    I cant decide on what to put as the carrier logo so thats still to come along with changing to battery to a dark red. So much to do so little time!
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  4. JiggyMatt

    JiggyMatt New Member

    those are really freakin cool!
  5. Michael Baturin

    Michael Baturin Evangelist

    can anyone send me there set. I would love to make my own but I work 12 hour days and would never have enough time to make these. Both of these are sweet.
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  6. RevRoy

    RevRoy Member

    I wanted it to look more like os x.:laugh2:

    And I love the Blue Battery
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  7. Muncle

    Muncle New Member

    Hey DiBxna,
    Where did you get those icons? It looks more "mac" than the current iPhone icons! haha.
  8. ItoGator

    ItoGator New Member

    You people are awesome! Does this damage or void your iPhone warranty?
  9. alb0zf1n3st

    alb0zf1n3st New Member

    I think it does but all you have to do is restore and who would know?
  10. Iwantmymtv35

    Iwantmymtv35 New Member

    Can we post our icon files?

    Hey guys (and gals),

    Is it possible whenever you guys post your mods, if you could post the original files?
  11. alb0zf1n3st

    alb0zf1n3st New Member

    Many of the mods have been posted already unless they just color changes
  12. Iwantmymtv35

    Iwantmymtv35 New Member

    I meant for like the icons and stuff.
  13. SCMedic

    SCMedic New Member

    Could you possibly post a link to that icon set? I love it!
  14. AllanGT

    AllanGT New Member

    You should be able to find that icon set and more from that link :)
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  15. heespharm

    heespharm Guest

    Haha well i've done most of the mods... and i must say you gotta watch out that you don't go overboard...

    case in point.... submitted for your approval.. I bring you... DERELICT!!!

    (actually its' just the bottombarknobgrey.png completely transparent)... had me laughing

    it's pretty cool actually bc you see nothing moving when you swipe over but the letters magically disappear....

    Mies Von Der Rohe: Klein ist Mehr
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  16. SCMedic

    SCMedic New Member

    Yeah, I'm a member there too, and couldn't find them. Although, there is an assload of other good ones!
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  17. jasunto

    jasunto New Member

    is this being done from in the iphone or over data cable with an app?
  18. heespharm

    heespharm Guest

    scroll further down its there
  19. AllanGT

    AllanGT New Member

    I think im gonna make my battery a different blue, the one i have now is too soft
  20. alb0zf1n3st

    alb0zf1n3st New Member

    I like mine it red.. its sexy ;) lol
  21. DiBxna

    DiBxna New Member

    jasunto, go to the section that explains how to put custom ringers on your phone... the program jailbreak allows the uploading of your own files to the phone, and iphoneinterface allows you to actually transfer the new files to the phone via data cable...

    the tutorial has everything you need to figure out how to mod your iphone...

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