Official iPhone Screenshot Thread

Discussion in 'Photo Sharing' started by AllanGT, Jul 19, 2007.

  1. ATT*Mark

    ATT*Mark New Member

    hey skafia can you link up that carrier logo i really like it

    heres mine
  2. mparamore

    mparamore New Member

    Here's mine... special thanks to digitalkid56 :cool:

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  4. reebs

    reebs Member

    wow that is super cool! is there anyway you can post the icon sets?
  5. uPhone559

    uPhone559 New Member

    check your pm's reeb
  6. princess_80854

    princess_80854 New Member

    Those are some really nice homescreen mods! :laugh2:
  7. Imagine09

    Imagine09 New Member

    WOW...Those are really cool mods.
  8. erwinespiritu

    erwinespiritu New Member


    Here's mine...
    I used and slightly modified the paper icon theme from

    I mainly modded the calendar icon so the date shows better.

    I replaced the AT&T logo with the Lexus logo.

    I changed all of the battery icons to gold and added the Lexus logo.
    (I think I'm the first to put a logo onto the battery in addition to changing the color...) not sure though...

    I also changed the SMS balloon colors to brown and army green.
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  9. SiLeNtKiLLa

    SiLeNtKiLLa New Member

    Man, Man, Man, Man....Man.... if that aint sexy, then i dunno what is...(Speaking of Jessica Alba of course) Can I please get a hold of these icons here, and man....can I pay to get them with an orange fill for them. WOW!

    I wanna set up an theme based off my company, and want to use this pic as my b\g and looking for some orange things.
  10. timschizzle

    timschizzle New Member

    how did you center the field test and pref icons? i have mine modded the same way but i want those centered.

  11. reebs

    reebs Member

    okay so i know how to change the icons but how did you change the bottom bar to include only the ipod, iPhone and safari? and how did you get that background on it? how did you move the mail icon? what are the directories and commands, etc? maybe it's too complicated for me :sick:
  12. timschizzle

    timschizzle New Member

  13. edw1nk

    edw1nk New Member

    any way to change the "photos" icon to another pic? feels kinda weird to have a picture of people i dont know. something like the flower from the original icon? :laugh2:
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  14. uPhone559

    uPhone559 New Member

    check out
    when downloading a "theme with background" it comes with a "new" displayorder.plist and that's how it changes things around - try out loring studios theme and you'll see how easy it is
  15. Michael Baturin

    Michael Baturin Evangelist

    Heres a video of mine.

  16. Lazarus

    Lazarus Member

    here is one I'm working on hehe kind of nuts right now but we'll see
  17. Lazarus

    Lazarus Member

    and my tone mod
  18. fosterhere

    fosterhere New Member


    Ghettofabulous gansta type screwed up color palette bleaaaaack :( It reminds me how much I hate MySpace and how people think they are web designers or designers at all with all the animated gifs and music and 4pt blue type on a black background.

    Whats next an animated fairy and unicorn iPhone mod set :p

    Ill stick with the OEM design it is classic and it WORKS.
  19. hexonxonx

    hexonxonx New Member

    Like Myspace, anyone here can do whatever they like with their phone. Who cares what anyone else thinks? They are not making them to impress you, they are making them because they like the way the phone looks to them. They paid for the phone.

    I'll take a unicorn mod if someone would make one, that would be nice.
  20. fosterhere

    fosterhere New Member


    Poof you're a fairy :D
  21. Lazarus

    Lazarus Member

    hey can you hook it up with that Camera icon please?
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