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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by pemarsh, Jul 5, 2007.

  1. pemarsh

    pemarsh New Member

    OK. I got bumped up to level 2 tier support with my bluetooth problem. They are saying that the iPhone just does not work with Lexus---"it was not built that way".

    Anyways...the problem that I have is when i make an outgoing call, i never hear the phone ring in the car until someone picks up the line on the other end. But even then after it connects, there is a 3-5 second delay in hearing the other person---by then they usually hang up after saying hello multiple times and not hearing me.
  2. mhill

    mhill New Member


    I have my iPhone set up in my 05 ls, and my wife has hers set up in her
    07 rx400 and we have had no problems. When i dial out using the keypad in the car i do not hear a ring, but when the party answers i do not get the delay you mentioned. Using the one touch dialing in the car i do hear the ring.The signal strength displays and every thing is working fine. There are
    several post on the club lexus forums regarding the iPhone I have not seen any post of problems. Could it be a weak signal problem?
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  4. dave10425

    dave10425 New Member

    Bluetooth HF850 car kit not working with iPhone

    I have a motorola bluetooth car kit model HF850 and it pairs ok but when I make a call I cant hear the person and they cant hear me.
    maybe the firmware upgrade will help
  5. Kippen

    Kippen New Member

    Possible Solution

    I have a 2006 GS-300. I've paired the bluetooth with several phones, they always behave the way you describe when I dial a number from the phone. However, when I use the touch screen display in the car, it works just fine. The only trick is that you have to up load all your phone numbers to the car's bluetooth system. I haven't figured out how to do that with the iPhone (I don't think you can). So I used my old RAZR to do it. Everything works fine now!

    You can probably pick up an old razr next to nothing on e-bay. There's a solution! I hope this helps!

  6. mav

    mav New Member

    Mine works with in my 06 IS350.
  7. luckyinlife

    luckyinlife New Member

    Works fine with my LX470 as far as I can tell.
  8. Simon Templar

    Simon Templar New Member

    I have a Chrysler 300C with the Chrysler UConnect system. If I am not mistaken, the UConnect system is sourced from Johnson Controls as is the Lex system.

    Mine works flawlessly. Indeed, it is more compatible than was the Moto RAZR which I was using pre-iphone. It even transmits battery level and signal strength.

  9. hiwind

    hiwind New Member

    i have an is350, noticed the call quality is a lot better than the razor
    used to cut in and out all the time
  10. Kippen

    Kippen New Member

    High Pitched Buzz Before Calls

    Has anybody heard a high-pitched buzz right before calls connect when using their bluetooth handsfree system in their car? It doesn't happen every time, but about half the time I get a high pitched buzz for about half a second then the phone starts ringing.

    I used a RAZR bluetooth for years with the same system and never experienced that.

  11. toothie37

    toothie37 New Member

    I have this problem everytime with my 05 rx330

    :(..........its scary! I also have problems with i phone/lexus confusing contacts. I'm going to try to erase lexus phone book and reload
  12. LexRexBlue

    LexRexBlue New Member

  13. Kippen

    Kippen New Member

    Has anybody experienced a short buzz, or feedback, when initiating a handsfree call from your Lexus Navi/bluetooth system? I get about a second of feedback on about half of the calls I make from my hands free bluetooth system in my 2006 GS-300.

  14. leeladisky

    leeladisky New Member

    I do also... i also notice that the sound quality is very poor, muffled and can be effected by the volume controls on the iPhone itself.

  15. normr

    normr New Member

    Can you transfer contacts

    The information Lexus has given me so far is that there is no way to transfer contacts from the the iPhone to the vehicle's phonebook and placing any calls from the phone take so long for the bluetooth to actually start processing the audio that people end up hanging up on you.
  16. leeladisky

    leeladisky New Member

    The Lexus BT system is too tempermental, and has more limitations than my divorce documentation. :-|
  17. mhill

    mhill New Member

    loud buzz

    I have the same loud buzzing problem with my 05 LS. Whatever is causing this, it has been corrected in the new lexus models. My wife does not have this problem in her 07 RX400. Her car also shows the battery meter on the iPhone, and my 05 does not.
  18. Denise

    Denise New Member

    Lexus/iPhone compatibility issues

    I currently use a RAZR to connect via bluetooth with my Lexus 2006 RX400h. It works perfectly, but I "need" to get an iPhone. However, according to: you cannot use the handset to place a call through the handsfree system i.e if you dial the numbers on the iPhone it won't switch over to the handsfree system. Have you discovered that this is true? Does anyone know if the fix needs to be made by Apple or Lexus?

    Thank You
  19. jviphone

    jviphone New Member

    Should have bought a BMW, mine was designed for the iPhone..most expensive accessory I had to buy for it though :laugh2:
  20. New Member

    Ls 460

    Can anyone tell me how they were able to synch the iPhone with an LS460 ?
  21. normr

    normr New Member

    That's always been like that

    Even before I had my iPhone I had a Razr and if the call is placed from the handset and not the directory on screen the delay is so long before the audio kicks in that people do end up hanging up, it's very poor on Lexus's part, it's not the phone it's the damn car engineers.

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