old Icons still show

Ok all, I followed the instructions to the T here:


Used cd to go to each directory and used putfile to add each icon.png to each directory. After each putfile command the terminal would return fileref: 1

Then I would go to the next directory and so on and so on. I then powered off the phone by pressing the power button and slid the thing to power off. Powering on all the old icons are still there. What did I do wrong?

This is using my Mac and the Mac version of everything.


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Jul 6, 2007
i noticed that if i navigated to "cd /Applications/Calculator.app/" for example, then typed "putfile icon.png" it didn't work. i have to type "putfile /Applications/Calculator.app/icon.png". however, i do not have to be "in" that folder to do that. from the normal 'iPhone#' prompt, i can type "putfile /Applications/Calculator.app/icon.png" and it'll work. this is a little different from what the Mac turorials spell out, so i'd guess that's likely where your problem was.