On iPod app, music stops but song keeps playing


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Oct 1, 2007
been using my phone all day the same way i do everyday: surf the web, ipod, text, calls. but earlier i was in the car listening to the ipod and in the middle of a song the music stopped playing but the track continued to play. i skipped to the next song and it began to play but still no sound came out. so i shut off my phone and turned it back on but this time i hit the ipod button and the program doesn't open. now i cant even reach my ipod. my iTunes store does not open as well. i can access all the other programs on my phone and make phone calls just fine but now i cant even open my ipod or iTunes. i don't have any hacks on my phone. what in the world happened?


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Aug 3, 2007
San Diego
don't know what happened but I would try a soft reset by pressing the menu button and the start button simultanely for a few seconds. I will reboot your iPhone. i had to do it once before, it's no big deal