On tuesday, do you think iOS 7 will show to have extra features for iPhone 5S?

Discussion in 'iPhone 5S' started by hmfc-1874, Sep 8, 2013.

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    I know IOS 7 features have been showing and the betas have been tried but do you think Apple have left out some features on purpose that might only work on iPhone 5S or if luck maybe iPhone 5 but not getting showing till tuesday ?

    Thoughts ?
  2. Iloveiphones

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    Aug 5, 2010
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  3. Napoleon PhoneApart

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    Come on, Jeannie, I need that toothpaste dispenser!

  4. Europa

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    Probably. They've done it almost every year in the past. Voice Commands, invert colors, video recording, autofocus and Siri are some examples of iOS software features that didn't work on the older generations of iPhones. If there is a fingerprint scanner, it will only work on the 5S.
  5. Kadelic

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    Both the toothpaste dispenser and the fingerprint scanner would obviously be dependent on the new hardware. A lot of the past iOS features that were limited to the new device were only limited by the software restrictions. For example, Siri could have been made available for the iPhone 4, but Apple decided to limit it to the new 4S. While the 4 may not have had the processing power to run Siri optimally, there were jailbreak tweaks that ported Siri to the older device. I never tried Siri on the 4 so I can't speak personally of its success or failure. The video recording feature was new and exclusive to the 3GS, but later was made available by tweak or app for the 3G. This I did try and it was so bad it wasn't even worth it.

    IMO, there will be some new features of iOS 7 that will be exclusive to the 5S in addition to any hardware based features. I do understand that some software based features are dependent on the upgraded hardware specs, like processor speed and RAM, to run as smoothly as Apple requires for release, I'm just thinking out loud (and beginning to ramble) here. I don't know what all tomorrow will have in store, but I am getting a little excited, hence the rambling. :)
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    Dang it @Kadelic, I was going to mention that same Toothpaste dispenser that Naps is sooo waiting for. LOL
  7. ZAT

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    I would think that any NFC items would be limited to new devices as I don't recall anyone seeing an NFC antenna on the 5. I'd venture that there will be some software locks on features just to serve as a tipping point for 5 owners on the upgrade fence. Pretty sure that as soon as JB happens those soft locks will get broken though.
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    Hate to go off topic, but I Dream Of Jeannie was my favorite show growing up.

    That is all. Bad form for the admin to take things off course. Please resume with your regular fingerprint discussions.

    Maaaaajor Nelson.

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