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New Member
Jun 11, 2007
Zero and Zero.

Thee are two rumours floating around right now. The first rumour says that you can order online at on the 29 and orders will ship on the 2nd and the second rumor says that there will be NO online ordering at all for a while. At least not until Apple is sure it can meet retail demand.

You can choose which ever you would like but I choose the second one. Better get out and wait in line like the rest of us poor slobs.

- SR


New Member
Jun 15, 2007
Link please.

Looking at the Apple site I see

Buy online.
Browse, shop and buy your
iPhone online. Coming soon.

In the bottom right corner of this page

Comming soon does not necessarily equal June 29th.

- SR
Are you kidding? Proof has been given so may times on this site for this same old question.
Click on any of the links under features and look at the graphic in the lower right."Coming June 19 at 6 pm.It says Available at Apple Retail, over 1,800 AT&T locations, and the online Apple Store."
Also if you go to the Apple Store online and search the store for iPhone, you'll get a similar message.
Also check here:


New Member
Jun 8, 2007
Well, it all points out that you will be able to purchase online on but the real question is, when will they be able to ship?