Oppressive policies and bugs messed up my iPhone.


Jun 7, 2007
Has anyone ever seen this dialog before? Some might not know what causes it but I have the answer. A HUGE bug that Apple HAS to know about. It's IMPOSSIBLE to get this dialog unless you suffer from this bug. This dialog is Apple's solution to the bug. Make us pay for an app twice. So Apple screws up and we have to give them money for it. Man and I thought Bill Gates was a jerk. He don't got nothing on Steve Jobs.

Man I so hate Apple now. A series of bugs, oppressive security policies, unreasonable amounts of pride on Apple's part, and unfortunate circumstances that shouldn't have been allowed to happen really messed up my iPhone. And it's ALL Apple's fault! The only way I know how to explain it is to walk you through the procedure. Sorry it's so long.

  1. I took some pictures of my 1 year old nephew at the zoo with my digital camera.
  2. I put them onto my iPhone with my PC. They did not end up on my camera roll. They went into a separate album.
  3. I visited my sister and she wanted the pictures but I didn't have my camera so I plugged my iPhone into her mac.
  4. I made sure she had "Disable automatic syncing for iPhones and iPods" CHECKED!
  5. (bug #1) Her iTunes popped right up and started to sync with my iPhone, putting my music, apps, videos and pics at risk. I pulled the plug. We tried again and I went ahead and "trusted" iTunes not to screw anything up. Stupid me. While I didn't lose my music, apps, etc. you will see in a moment how utterly awful this was.
  6. (oppressive policy #1) We closed iTunes and TRIED to get the pictures off of the iPhone. Of course we couldn't because the photos weren't on the camera roll. They were in an album and Apple won't let you take photos off of the iPhone if it's in an album. CHEESE Apple! How #@$ing elitest and controlling do you have to be? I mean come ON! It's not like these are copyrighted photgraphs! They are my @#$%#ing photographs! You are just being a big bully!
  7. (unfortunate circumstance #1) We gave up and I went home, where I started to install a new hard drive on my PC. I hadn't installed iTunes yet.
  8. (bug #2) Later on that day I went to the app store on my iPhone and tried to install an app. It told me that I had the wrong password. Then I noticed that it had my sister's email address at the top. Of course, somehow it linked my iPhone to her account, but it kept my apps (linked to my account) on the iPhone. See where this is going?
  9. The iPhone told me to connect it to my computer.
  10. (unfortunate circumstance #2) While I was installing iTunes and authorizing it I put in a username instead of my old email address. It created a new account. Since it's been about 4 years since I created my old iTunes account I assumed it just wanted verification on things like my credit card info. Besides, it filled in all of my address and other data automatically. It clearly knew who I was. But I entered a new email address. Unfortunately that wasn't the email address I had used to purchase any appstore apps.
  11. (repeat of bug #2) When I let the iPhone connect, I followed the exact procedure that I followed at my sister's. It didn't remove any apps or videos or anything, but it did change my ID from her email address to the wrong email address.
  12. I linked iTunes with the proper account but the damage was done. And for some reason I couldn't get my iPhone to link to my proper account.
  13. I figured I could survive for a few days that way until I got my computer completely up and running.
  14. (unfortunate circumstance #3) Over the next few days when I was out and about I saw a couple of apps that had temporarily dropped their prices to free. So I downloaded them. Of course these apps were linked to the wrong email address so when I want to download them off of the iPhone to my iTunes it won't let me.
  15. (Bug #3) So now I have apps linked to two iTunes accounts on my iPhone. How is this even possible?
  16. (bug #4) I went to upgrade my old apps (linked to the proper email address) and I got the dialog you see above. You should probably understand how I got this dialog now, which brings us to...
  17. (oppressive policy #2) The ONLY way you can get this warning is if you have an app on your iPhone that isn't authorized. Clearly since iTunes authorizes every app as it installs it onto the iPhone, having apps synced to two accounts can only occur if there is a bug. But rather than fix the bug, and rather than just letting us update the app when this bug occurs, Apple decided to force us to purchase the app a second time. THAT is oppressive! iTunes on the iPhone shouldn't even check to see if an app is authorized. The fact that it's on the iPhone proves that it's authorized. Can someone PLEASE tell me how exactly an app can get installed onto the iPhone if it's unauthorized? And please don't mention jailbreaking. This isn't an issue here. Besides, as far as I know, jailbreaking doesn't deal with apps in the appstore.
  18. (oppressive policy #3) When I do link my iPhone to my proper account (easily done by fully syncing it I presume) all of the apps that I "purchased" for free won't be free anymore. They will be linked to the wrong account and I'll have to purchase the apps for real. I'll get the "could not be transferred because you are not authorized" dialog box.
  19. That brings us to... (oppressive policy #4?)<- Notice the question mark.
    Will Apple let us join two accounts, even if it's caused by their bug?

No doubt many of you will try to pin the blame on me because I entered the wrong email address. This is true. However, remember that it started because the iPhone #1 synced when it shouldn't have and #2 linked itself to my sister's account. It could have just as easily linked itself to a different computer of mine. What if I had two computers with two different iTunes accounts? The best that would have happened is that I wouldn't have been able to get the free apps at all because I didn't have my sister's password. I would rather try them out for free and lose them than to have never been able to download them at all.

So here's my question. Is there any way to fix this without having to purchase the apps that aren't free anymore? Can I call Apple and have them give me the apps that I "purchased" for free on the new account? Or can they combine the accounts? I most certainly deserve them. It won't do much good to tell them about the bug. They know about it or they wouldn't have the dialog box. There is absolutely no way that an app can get onto the iPhone if it's unauthorized. Or can someone figure out a way for that to happen without any bugs?


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Jul 15, 2007
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wow. Love the passion of your anger. Yes, Apple is a tyrant. That we know. Yes, you have to share a little blame in this... From a pc to a mac to a new harddrive in a pc again. I am always weary About pluging my phone into someone else's computer.
I have noticed on my pc the last couple of nights with the new iTunes that my phone starts synching instantly and I share your fury over this.
Sounds to me like you can either spend hours on tech tier support or say "screw it" and learn about cracking all these apps. An eye for an eye, baby. Good luck.


Jun 7, 2007
Wow OJ, despite you trying to pin some blame on me, that has got to be the most supportive post I've ever seen come from you. LOL You going soft or something? Haha Thanks for the warm fuzzies.


Jun 7, 2007
In all seriousness, I think I found a way to re-link the iPhone to the correct account without syncing.

This presumes that you have apps on your iPhone linked to two accounts.

  1. Set up iTunes so its account is correct.
  2. Using the iPhone download a free app that you don't have on your computer.
  3. Plug it into your computer.
  4. Right click on the iPhone icon and select "Transfer Purchases."
  5. It will download the purchases off of your iPhone completely but before it finishes it will tell you that it couldn't (begin to) download them because your computer isn't authorized.
  6. Use this list to identify which songs you need to download with your computer.
  7. Unless Apple gets involved, you might have to repurchase some apps. I know. I hate Apple too.
  8. But after you download the free app the iPhone will be linked to the proper account.
  9. You'll still have to download all of the apps on the unauthorized list with your computer or delete them off of the iPhone. Repeat steps 4-7 if you forget which apps you need to download.

I had a few apps to download with my computer and I didn't check if my iPhone was fixed after I downloaded the first one. So sorry I don't know if the iPhone was fixed after that first one or if I had to download all of them, but if you download all of the apps (or delete them off of the iPhone) you should be fine.